Frequently Asked Questions



Orders are handled within 1 to 2 business days of receiving them. You will receive an email notification when we send your order. From this moment, the delivery time will be 2 to 3 business days in the Peninsular area. Delivery of orders to the Balearic, Canary or International will take 6-8 business days. Please note that AROMALABORATORY is not responsible for any customs fees or taxes incurred on international shipments, these are the responsibility of the buyer. Please check your local customs office for the regulations that may apply to your purchase.


Our orders are packaged upon request, so we are sorry to inform you that we do not accept changes or refunds. We advise you to read the return policy for exceptional cases. We also recommend that you immediately check the status of your order when you receive it. 


All standard Peninsular shipments are FREE from purchases over € 60 Large volume orders (over than 11kg.) Have a transport charge.

All standard shipments with a European scope zones: United Kindom, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland are FREE from purchases over € 180 High volume orders (over than 11kg.) have a transport charge. 

All standard shipments to USA and Canada are FREE from purchases over € 280. Large volume orders (over 11kg.) have a transport charge.

Shipping to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the rest of the world, have their usual delivery rate. In the purchase process, before formalizing the payment, you will be informed of this cost according to the destination.


In the case that transportation rates are applied, we recommend grouping several products into one purchase; They can benefit from a mass transportation price, weighing the postage in a single order. TAXES All our prices include VAT (21%). In case that you want an invoice, you can indicate it at the time of making the purchase in the space reserved for notations of the order along with your email and your NIF (Special instructions for the seller).


Yes, all our environmental fragrances are natural and organic. They are manufactured in small productions under the precepts of aromatherapy. They contain neither parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthesis parfum. They do not contemplate artificial colors or preservatives. They are not tested on animals. Except Antiaging Balm and Eye Contour (organic bee wax), all of the products don't have any animal ingredient, so they are available for vegans.


Our raw materials from the distillation of aromatic plants are 100% natural and chemotyped. Weather conditions: rains, wind, sun ... and other characteristics related to organic farming (without pesticides) directly affect the price of the product. Likewise, the color, density, transparency, etc ... of the fragrances can vary according to the vintages, crops and production. Also prices may also vary depending on whether the price of the raw material fluctuates in each harvest. WHAT IS AROMATHERAPY? Aromatherapy addresses the use of essential oils that come from the distillation of plants for therapeutic purposes. Considered natural jewels, the essential oils used in the formulation of our fragrances provide comfort, health, emotional and mental balance. We offer a secure way to fragrance yourself with the healing power of aromatherapy.


Air Purifiers for Personal Space (from 0.15m to 7.3m around the body) and Environmental Fragrances for the home and large areas. We also develop and implement Corporate Aromatic Identity projects for shops, hotels, offices, schools that favor indoor environmental quality for workers and customers of your company and provide an exclusive differentiating and sensory seal. Aromalaboratory Atelier offers a range of Limited Edition Perfumes and Clean Organic Cosmetics.


The Sustainable Scent Identity is an AROMALABORATORY service that creates your corporate fragrance exclusively for you. A sustainable environment brings health, interior environmental quality and olfactory corporativity to your business, with the objective of acting positively and satisfactorily on all the structures that shape your company: human teams, customers, circuits, interaction segments, assets ,... 


Following the creation of your Scent Identity, we offer you the possibility of distributing the exclusive Environmental Fragrance in a format for sale to your customers. We use the best raw materials for organic farming so that their environmental fragrance is of excellent quality and responds to environmental health principles. For more information contact

CHRISTMAS PACKAGES During Christmas Time and until January 5, we give you a special presentation in each package to get you excited from the very beginning. Christmas Trees are going to look gorgeous! And what fantastic faces of joy and satisfaction when receiving and present them! Put in observations: #REGALO to inform us of your wishes to decorate your AROMALABORATORY packages. Happy Holidays to all!