Sustainable Scent Identities.

We design, create and implant in a comprehensive way its sustainable and aseptic corporate fragrance, for any type of spaces: hotels, showrooms, museums, health centers, offices, etc.

Of supreme quality, ecological and sensitive, its fragrance highlights the values and philosophy of your company so your customers perceive its essence and spirit, also through the sense of smell and feel comfortable in a clean and aseptic air throughout your facilities. .

An aromatic setting that brings health, disinfection, well-being and identity to your business.

Its fragrance also acts satisfactorily on all the structures that shape your company: human teams, clients, circuits, interaction segments, assets, ...

A fragrant treatment for the global and evolutionary development of your project, adapted to the disinfection that needs the present moment, due to the pandemic.

Potential benefits:

  • They reaffirm the identity of the company in terms of olfactory marketing.
  • They naturally perfume and clean the environment and fabrics.
  • They provide indoor health and air quality. They are disinfectants: antibacterial, fungicidal and virucidal.
  • They offer well-being and comfort.
  • They are ecological and toxic free fragrances, suitable for SQM people.
  • They generate intragroup autonomy
  • They positively affect performance and productivity.
  • They promote the evolution of your business.
  • They reach customers who are capturing new forms of communication.
  • Sensitively, they affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • They generate economic benefits.

Invite your guests and clients to discover and delight in its spaces and services, feeling protected and taking care of all the details of comfort.

Its corporate aroma, also for its clients:

Offer your clients the possibility of taking your precious fragrance home botlled.

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"Healthy AROMALABORATORY® spaces give off an energy that drives the business project to success and innovation." Mónica Fernández. Founder of AROMALABORATORY®