Aromalaboratory® is a brand of healthy and organic fragrances founded and directed by Mònica Fernández - Barcelona - since 2011. Aromatherapist, Interior Designer, Ceramist, Creative, Self-taught in Perfumery and also guided by Artisan Parfumeur (Paris) and The Blossoming Heart Institute (Provence-Australia) Accredited cosmetologist and perfumer by the Catalan Handicraft and Fashion Consortium.

“My 3 years studying Psychology (UAB) mark the beginning of a deep research into the nature of the human being. I immerse myself in the study of Artistic Ceramics: Matter, The Earth, The Beginnings... Being 2nd Prize of the Biennial of Ceramics of the Vendrell, young Spanish representative in European Ceramic Contest Bornholm - Denmark, among other contests.
I get interested by the construction of experimental set desings, I discover the world of Performance and I run a micro Performance Company, playing artworks as "Cambio" (I International Performance Festival). I study Interior Design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and manage Interior Design projects for private clients. After several years of working for the Swiss brand Vitra, I feel especially attracted by Natural Fragrances, their therapeutic side and holistic applications. In 2010 I study Aromatherapy and start my own Chromatic-Aromatic research Work. I delve into the Anthroposophy and theories of T. Edward Hall, among others, which I consider for my Sustainable Scent Identity project that becomes this great Business. 
I want this website help you to get in touch with our Sustainable and Healthy Fragrances Aromalaboratory® , and let you get in contact with us to create your Olfactory Corporate Universe."

Thank you very much.
Mònica Fernández.