Organic Personal Space Purifiers.

Radio Coverage up to 7 metres.

What is the Personal Space?

"The Personal Space, is the virtual space that surrounds the person, where he or she interacts in a comfortable way" T. Edward Hall

The Classic Air Purifiers for the Personal Space of Aromalaboratory®, are 8 mists that act as environmental protectors, with preventive antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral action (of microorganisms that propagate through the air) Likewise, they protect us from aging thanks to its antioxidant principles, and relieve us of public, social and intimate stress, to which we are exposed in contemporary society, by vaporizing them around the body.

Made under the precepts of aromatherapy and hydrolatherapy, with precious organic chemotherapy essential oils, the Air Purifiers clean and rescue us in our Personal Space in a safe, comfortable and practical way.

Sanitizing our Personal Bubble, we will obtain protection, well-being and flagrant beauty. Use them as part of your daily beauty routine. Prevention is essential, especially in the face of environmental and epidemic threats to which today's society is exposed.
They offer:
  • Hygiene thanks to its antiseptic preventive actives: antibacterial, fungicidal and virucidal, from microorganisms that spread through the air, as staphylococci, aspergillus, rhinovirus, etc.
  • Reinforcing the immune response.
  • Environmental protection: neutralizing pollution, harmful environmental agents (biological and chemical), dragging suspended particles (PM) and optimizing ozone levels around the body.
  • Soothing, thermoregulatory and anti-fatigue action: especially indicated when physical or mental exertion is performed and in case of hot flashes.
  • Anti-aging prevention: neutralize oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution (causing premature cell aging)
  • Aromatherapeutic rescue.
  • Natural, ecological, toxic-free perfume, not tested on animals and suitable for vegans.
Always wear them in your bag, in your work bag, in the gym bag. They will allow you to lead a healthier and more comfortable life. 

Non-toxic fragrances, free of synthetic and isolated molecules: 0% disrupting ingredients, 0% parabens, 0% abrasive detergents, 0% phthalates, 0% colorants, 0% musketones, 0% synthetic parfum.

Bottled in amber glass for optimal conservation.