Clean Organic Perfumes. Atelier.

Sustainable Limited Edition Perfumes, non-toxic, from 100% botanical and finest organic ingredients, of the highest quality -chemotyped-, originally from every corner of the world by Mònica Fernández Morón, aromatherapist, perfumist and founder of Aromalaboratory®

Discover the current Collections during The Tastings Perfumes Sessions scheduled throughout the year, or make an appointment at Aromalaboratory Atelier.

  • Orchestra Collection: V Edition (Series 20u each perfume): The 7 musical notes transformed into a pleasant and exquisite fragrances. They bring us charisma, inner peace, harmony, etc.
  • Amanecer & Atardecer: I Edition ( Series 20u each perfume): Oriental and Mediterranean Perfumes. They radiate The Strength of The Sun.
  • Agua de Colonia: II Edition (Serie of 20u): A Classic 100% Aromatherapeutic Perfume redefined for Kids: delicate and vitalizing.
  • 39 Forever Young: I Edition. I / X Numbered Perfumes. The perfume of eternal youth.


Bespoke Perfumes:Contact us if you want your exclusive jewel Organic Perfume, or if you want to gift an unique Perfume on a special occasion: a wedding, anniversary, etc.

Perfumes free of toxic, free of synthetic and isolated molecules: 0% disrupting ingredients, 0% parabens, 0% abrasive detergents, 0% phthalates, 0% colorants, 0% musketones, 0% synthetic parfum.