Sanitizing Organic Home Scents & Travel Set.

Coverage up to 20m2 and travel set. 

The Sanitizing Home & Fabric Scents are aromatherapeutic, toxic-free, and organic. They perfume naturally, disinfect the atmosphere and clothes, and offer well-being. 

  • They perfume neutralizing bad odors.
  • Sanitize in depth thanks to its preventive antiseptic action: antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral, from microorganisms that spread through the air, as staphylococci, aspergillus, rhinovirus, etc.
  • Neutralize free radicals from electromagnetic devices.
  • They combat mites in the environment and on carpets, sofas, cushions, etc.
  • They disinfect fabrics.
  • They drag suspended particles (PM).
  • They refresh the environment in summer and humidify the heated atmospheres in winter.
  • They oxygenate and perfume the textile: coats, towels, etc.
  • They eliminate moths in the wardrobe.
  • They repel mosquitoes. Especially Summer and also Petit Grain, Jardín Oriental and Blanc.
  • They are respectful and delicate with people sensitive to artificial chemistry (SQM) and people allergic to mites and pollen.
  • They offer relief from allergy symptoms. They clean the space and allow you to breathe better.
  • Each aromatherapeutic fragrance offers a state of well-being and comfort according to its phytoaromatic actives: Relaxing, energizing, vitalizing, harmonizing, ...
Perfume your room in a sanitizing and healthy way and feel good and protected at home and when travelling. 
We recommend you to have one different Home Scent in each room: For example  Flor de Flores in the bedroom, Jardín Oriental in the bathroom,...And always bring with you Blanc or Summer in your hand luggage! 
They are presented in amber glass for optimal conservation.

0% Synthetic Parfum, 0% Parabens, 0% Colorantes, 0% artificial fixers. 0% Additives.