Healthy Quarantine. VII

Hi, how are you? Who is quarantining as a family or sharing a flat with a partner? Sharing intimate space, also for social tasks, can create the feeling that the space becomes even smaller.

To avoid this condensation sensation of the environment at home it is important to keep the space as clean and organized as possible. Act disinfecting the environment with our Aromatherapeutic Fragrances and provide it with protection, amplitude and expansion. For this I recommend MAR AZUL or SUMMER, the latter above all to soften the tension.

If you also want to enjoy moments of introspection or greater interior concentration at home, find a place to pick you up, where nobody can disturb you. Communicate it: "I need 30 minutes for myself, please." Prepare your micro space with our PROTECTION purifying mist and feel the limits of your intimate space. It is important to respect the privacy of each family member for a good team functioning. It is necessary this dynamic that I spoke about in the previous post, going from social-public to the intimate and vice versa.

If you do not share a home, PROTECTION is also very good to feel 100% at home and disconnect from the problems that may come from work, for example. Protection creates this barrier because it lowers the activity of certain brain areas such as the amygdala and pauses the whirlwind of circular thoughts, precursors to the mechanisms of fear. Protection pauses breathing and allows us to work inward. It is very good to prepare the space for meditation. Perfume around the body, breathe deeply and wrap yourself in harmony.

Take care of yourselves.

Mònica Fernández. Aromatherapist and Founder of AROMALABORATORY®.

AROMALABORATORY® Facilitates the use of aromatherapy, safe, effective and easy to use, with ecological certification and supreme quality (chemotype), so that the results are optimal. .


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