Sustainable Scent Identities.

We design, create and implant your sustainable corporate scent identity, that neutralizes and cleans the atmosphere, in any type of space: hotels, showrooms, museums, health centers, offices, etc.

Supreme quality, organic and healthy, we create your corporate scent highlighting the values and the philosophy of your company; so your clients and employees will appreciate the essence and spirit of your bussiness through the sense of smell, with a comfortable toxic-free fragrance that cleans and neutralizes the atmosphere.

An aromatization that offers health, hygiene, well-being while reinforcing your business marketing kills.

Your fragrance also acts satisfactorily on all the structures that shape your company: teams, clients, circuits, interaction segments, assets, ...

A fragrant treatment for the global progress of your company.

Potential benefits:

  • Reaffirms the identity of the company in terms of olfactory marketing.
  • Scents naturally and organic, toxic-free, neutralizing the environment and fabrics.
  • Provides indoor health and quality air: It is antibacterial and ionizing.
  • Offers well-being and comfort.
  • Scents being suitable for SQM people.
  • Generates intragroup autonomy.
  • Growths the performance and the productivity of the company.
  • Improves the behaviour and the evolution of your business.
  • Reaches the customers who are sensitive to new ways of communication.
  • Improves the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Generates economic benefits.

Invite your guests and clients to delight your spaces and services being surrounded by your AROMALABORATORY® Scent Identity.

Bring your corporate scent to your clients homes and spaces to be remembered with love and under your sustainable basis. Offer your clients the possibility of taking your precious organic indoor fragrance in a 55ml bottle.

For more information contact , we will provide you with a tailor-made quotation adapted to your needs and in line with the diffusion methods available.

"Healthy AROMALABORATORY® scented spaces are moved by a fragant energy that drives the business project to success and innovation." Mónica Fernández. Founder of AROMALABORATORY®

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