Organic Aromatherapy Purifying Mist. PROTECTION. 55ml.

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  • Aromatherapy Purifying Mist for Personal Space that harmonizes with Frankincense & Neroli.
  • Mindfulness effect. 
  • It reinforces the boundaries of Intimate Space. 
  • It helps to take distance of the social life and nourish your intimacy. 
  • Excellent for deep breath work and meditation.
  • It relieves mental stress and fear. After use it, breathe deeply 3 times.
  • It offers a deep feeling of protection. 
  • It is rejuvenating. 
  • Recommended for hypersensitive people.
  • It offers a sense of security and relief.
  • Use: Intimate Distance (0,15m radial) 
  • Antiseptic. Antibacterial. Virucide.
  • Anti-pollution. Environment Protector.
  • Neutralizes oxidative stress. Anti-aging.
  • 100% from chemotyped essential oils of certified organic farming.
  • Toxic-free: free of synthetic and isolated molecules, 0% disrupting ingredients, 0% parabens, 0% abrasive detergents, 0% phthalates, 0% colorants, 0% musketones, 0% synthetic parfum.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Botlled in topaz glass.
  • 55ml.