Mosquito Repellent. Aromatherapy Home Scent. SUMMER. Organic 55ml.

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Aromatherapy Mosquito Repellent, in travel size, from chemotyped essential oils of Citronella, Lemongrass, etc. It has a refreshing and very pleasant scent.

Repels mosquitoes without DEET
Fragrance suitable for spraying on clothes, fabrics, the environment and around the body.
Spray on baby's covers, around the cot, children's clothes and around the body of pregnant women, ect. It is recommended for people allergic to dust, dust mites, pollen, people with chemical sensitivity (MCS) and those who prefer a natural option. 

Suitable for children and adults.

Can be sprayed all around the body, even on clothing. Respectful and gentle to skin and hair. 

It does not cause drowsiness.

It does not contaminate the environment or foodstuffs.

It does not corrode surfaces.

Indoors, scent the room and curtains to create protective barriers. Outdoors, perfume upholstery, lamps and furniture. On clothes and garments it is perfect when you are going to be outdoors in terraces or gardens.
Summer naturally perfumes and sanitizes the environment and fabrics. It is anti-mite, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and virucide.

It Improves air quality by ionising it and neutralises free radicals from electromagnetic devices and external pollution, improving the feeling of well-being, refreshing and purifying the air.

Toxic-free fragrance 100% from chemotyped essential oils of certified organic farming.

0% Parabens, 0% Isolates, 0% Phthalates, 0% Colourants, 0% Musketones, 0% Artificial fixatives and enhancers, 0% Synthetic parfum.

Bottled in topaz glass.