Organic MOSQUITO REPELLENT Candle | SUMMER. Aromatherapy.

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Mosquito repellent Aromatherapy Soy Candle with Citronella, Lemongrass,...

Repels mosquitoes  without DEET.
Candle indicated for spaces where there are babies, children, pregnant women, people with SQM, and for those who prefer a natural option.
Does not produce drowsiness. Does not pollute the environment or food.

With a pleasant bouquet of green notes, reminiscent of cut grass. Its aroma is refreshing and balancing. (For example, it facilitates a peaceful environment, if the atmosphere is tense, thanks to its aromatherapeutic active extracts, coming from medicinal plants);

100% botanical and organic fragrance. Non-genetically modified soy wax (non-GMO) with cotton wick. 0% synthetic parfum. Toxic-free.

Tips for use: Keep a safe distance between the candle and anything above it. Always keep the candle under supervision. To maintain a vertical and homogeneous combustion, do not place it close to draughts or heating.
Content: 260gr
Format: 9 cm diam. 10cm high.
Duration of combustion: 90h - 100h