Etiquette tips for applying our Precious Perfumes.

Key to the elegance of distilling the perfect and correct dose of your Precious Perfume is in these four etiquette recommendations:

Perfume before you get dressed.

So you will better perfume those areas that are hidden by your clothes.

Apply perfume to the pulse areas of your body.

Perfume your wrists, the indentations (the areas opposite your elbows), behind your ears, on your chest. These warmer areas of the body help the perfume to emanate more intensely.

Always follow the specific application recommendations of some of the perfumes in our collections to enhance their aromatherapeutic properties. For example, apply FA Precious Perfume, from the Orchestra Collection, not only on these pulse areas, but also on the solar plexus, so you will feel its vibrant effect with more intensity.

Never rub the fragrance (even if it is almost an instinctive impulse).

To preserve the bouquet of the perfume in all its splendour, we must avoid breaking the molecules. Then its notes will emanate from your skin in a sublime, rounded effect.

Enjoy the fragrance of your perfume and feel the aromatherapeutic properties that emanate from it.

The characteristic of our 100% aromatherapeutic perfumes, with 0% artificial fixatives, 0% synthetic parfum, 0% musketones, is that they are designed to wrap you in a natural halo, respectful, free of toxins, from flowers, leaves, fruits and real woods. Perfumes that bring you well-being, beauty and distinction, due to their supreme quality and excellence.

They are therefore fragrances that you can wear comfortably, day and night, with which you will feel very comfortable and will enhance your virtues.

For example DO Perfume, from the Orchestra Collection is an oriental organic perfume, with notes of Black Spruce and Pachouli, with character, which envelops us in a strong halo of determination and security, reinforces self-esteem and is very, very sensual. It is therefore very important that you feel your perfume so its properties act upon another, more physical and sensorial layer.






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