Autumn trends you'll fall in love with.

Come autumn, farmstyle is positioned among one of our favorite styles, not only for its primitive and ancestral architecture, which puts us directly in contact with Nature, but also for its characteristic interior design, practical, warm, and cozy which prioritizes a comfortable and unpretentious lifestyle. Although it is true, we can take it to its maximum splendor, adapting it to current life, introducing contemporary elements, such as technological facilities, art, extras of comfort, olfactory well-being, etc. Smart, organic and toxic-free scenting, AROMALABORATORY makes these last 3 features possible in a single spray. If you want an extra dose of technology, ask us for a quotation of our programmable automatic scenting systems.

Very often, countryside houses are second homes, places and temples of rest and disconnection from the busy city life. AROMALABORATORY botanical, aromatherapeutic fragrances allow us to perfume the house with 100% natural, sustainable, pleasant scents, entering into symbiosis with the environment, (avoiding the incongruent use of synthetic and artificial perfumes that break the harmony). Also they neutralise the environment and fabrics. Especially they are very practical if the house has been closed for a while, if we are demanding with hygiene and if we like to create healthy, extra comfortable dynamics that make us feel better.

We present you the fragrances that are trending this autumn. You are going to fall in love with them!

If your home is the place to gather with friends, family, and if you are a great hostess who loves to welcome in a special way, taking care of all the details, then BLACK PACHOULI will be the perfect fragrance. Perfume the room, the curtains, the sofa, above the cushions and carpets. If you have pets they will join that special moment (they love it! because it is a respectful fragrance, free of toxics). The social, oriental and warm scent of BLACK PACHOULI offers a sense of security, it also helps to keep everything in its place, as it sharpens the attention and puts in focus.

If you love to be active, though in a more country dynamic, and you enjoy cooking parties, family games, planning walks and trekking routes, then PETIT GRAIN will set the mood in your home in a very dynamic and cheerful way. With its citrus and smoky notes of orange leaf, bergamot, vetiver, you will feel a proactive and special autumn at home (and of course, outside too!)


For those looking to disconnect, release tension, rest, cuddle up in the blankets, light a good fire, watch series, enjoy reading and get a good night's sleep, FLOR DE FLORES will be the fragrance that will facilitate a relaxed atmosphere and allow you to recover your energy. Scent the bed, the cushions and the atmosphere. It will also humidify the heated atmosphere and drag the particles in suspension that the fire transmits to the environment. FLOR DE FLORES is a botanical, sweet and floral fragrance, with notes of wild vanilla and ylang-ylang, great for a very chill out autumn.

fragrance is the name of your most intimate moments. Scent the atmosphere with its notes of worldly woods that transmit purity, and immerse yourself in a divine and noble forest of cedar, sandalwood,... Once the atmosphere has been set, enjoy a good bath. Give yourself all the attention with one of our organic facial beauty routines and treat yourself to a good relaxing body massage (or tonic)... Any pampering that helps you to reconnect with yourself, feeling in your oasis, where notion of time doesn’t exist, is more than deserved.

Interiors Photography: Nicole England, Amelia Stanwix, Emily Followill. 

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