30 Days Anti-Cellulite Challenge.

Join the 30 Days Anti-Cellulite Challenge, using Aromalaboratory's Organic Anti-Cellulite-Detox Body Oil now, to get your body ready for the summer! How about starting now?
Everything takes time, so take note of the following guidelines and recommendations for a successful treatment so you can control and eradicate cellulite.

Cellulite is the inflammation and accumulation of subcutaneous fat cells in the abdomen, legs, gluteus and arms. It mostly affects women.

Due to factors such as fluid retention, excess calories, an unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyle, heredity, etc., fat cells accumulate, are not properly eliminated, and end up congesting the connective tissue, giving the appearance of lumps in the skin that we commonly call 'orange peel skin'.

This cellulite may be visible to the naked eye, or it may require some skin pressure to diagnose; It is enough to explore your body, and especially the areas most likely to have orange peel skin, to determine whether you have hard cellulite (which is only visible when the skin is pressed and hurts), flaccid cellulite (not compact and visible to the naked eye), mixed cellulite (which combines the two) or very rare oedematous cellulite (which is seen in the form of oedema, which looks like a bag of water and is closely related to fluid retention).

Once we know what type of cellulite we have, it will be easier to obtain satisfactory anti-cellulite results, as we will use the Aromalaboratory Organic Anti-Cellulite-Detox Body Oil according to our type of cellulite.

How to apply Aromalaboratory Anti-Cellulite-Detox Body Oil?

The Anti-Cellulite-Detox Body Oil is available in 2 formats: 100ml and 55ml.

Massage vigorously and vigorously, tonically, in an upward direction (from the feet to the head, and from the hands to the armpits), preferably after showering, when the body is a little damp.

  • If you have hard cellulite: The massage will be deeper and more direct by gently and vigorously pinching the skin. Although it will hurt a little during the first sessions, it is a bearable pain that will disappear as the fatty nodules dissolve.
  • If you have flaccid cellulite: The massage will be more superficial and very vigorous.
  • If you have mixed cellulite: For example, if you have flaccid cellulite on the gluteus and hard cellulite on the legs, perform the appropriate type of massage for the area.

It is important to generate the habit, to successfully achieve the challenge of 30 days of treatment in a row, so always do the massage at the same time, for example early in the morning, (between 7am and 8am). This way you will be able to automate those 10 minutes that you spend more on your body. Try to be mindful of this time and perform the massage thoroughly.

At the end of the massage with Aromalaboratory Organic Anti-Cellulite-Detox Body Oil, immediately drink a good glass of water, the equivalent of 33cl. This will help to promote deep drainage of the tissues.

These are the properties of the Organic Anti-Cellulite-Detox Body Oil Aromalaboratory:

- It dissolves fats.

- It is draining: it favours the circulation of liquids in the conjunctive tissue.

- It is anti-inflammatory.

- It has depurative capacity.

- It has a detoxifying capacity.

- It is rubefacient: it burns fat.

- It provides oxygen and facilitates the fat elimination process.

- It is nourishing.

-It has anti-stretch marks capacity.

-It offers a tonic aspect to the skin.

Guidelines to accompany the massage and eradicate cellulite:

  • Controlling your breathing, as well as having an energetic, vital, optimistic and dynamic mood during the 30 days is essential to achieve the objective. For this reason, we recommend that you use our Petit Grain or Jardín Oriental fragrances in the bathroom during the shower and the massage. Also, during these days of treatment, use one of the following Aromalaboratory purifying mists with a tonic effect: The Gathering or Stamina , with which you will feel more active and will predispose you to do more sport, another of the recommendations below.
  • Practise, 3 to 4 times a week, 15 minutes of physical exercise: fitness, yoga, pilates, running,...
  • Eat a balanced diet: Drink two litres of water a day, avoid added sugars, avoid bad fats, such as industrial bakery products, pre-cooked food, fried food, etc., and reduce salt intake.

Now all you have to do is set yourself this daily goal and start the Aromalaboratory 30 Day Anti-Cellulite Challenge! Let's go for it!

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