Purifying Mists for Personal Space: Beauty and Wellness.

AROMALABORATORY® Personal Space Purifying Mists offer us beauty and well-being to better manage the challenges of contemporary life and bloom vibrant with our full potential.

Choose at least 3, out of the 8 available, to reinforce your interpersonal-intrapersonal performance in public space, in a social setting and on an intimate level.

During her beauty and wellness routines, Patricia uses LA NATURALEZA MIST to reinforce her Public Personal Space, especially before interacting with others. Aromatherapeutically LA NATURALEZA balances her emotional map, which allows her to feel much better. By using this mist on a daily basis, her interaction with others and with herself is neither too emotional nor too cold, and puts her in a more "self-care" mode than she has been doing so far.

LA NATURALEZA MIST is highly recommended when we feel emotionally fluctuating. It is always very good for women, especially during hormonal changes or imbalances: the period, menopause, etc.. In addition to its soothing and sanitizing effect, it comforts and allows us to feel more confident.

When she works, or teleworks, she uses CREATIVIDAD purifying mist. Because of her work as an actress, CREATIVIDAD helps her focus better on studying and reading her scripts. When she goes to the studio, she always carries this mist in her purse. Its therapeutic scent helps her to have a more optimistic and enthusiastic attitude and improves her attention and concentration, which helps her to better her performance.

She uses CREATIVIDAD MIST to put herself in focus and in matter. In addition, its antioxidant action prevents premature cellular aging caused by exposure to adverse pollutants, such as contamination, radiation from cell phones, tablets, computers, free radicals, etc...

These scented mists are also the alternative to perfume. Although lighter, you can also perfume your hair and arround your body naturally, organic and in a respectful way. 

Once we get home, it's time to enjoy our intimate life, family, planning, study, gym, yoga, meditation,... in short, everything that makes us grow personally and requires inner strength. This inner strength needs its space to emerge, setting boundaries here is often more difficult than in the social or public sphere. Using the purifying aromatherapeutic mist VALENTIA, will open this space where you can improve your most intimate perfomance.

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