La Rute du Mimosa. What an exiting trip!

I've been traveling Côte d'Azur in February! What an exiting trip full of light and blossoming scents! 

La Route du Mimosa which winds the largest forest of Mimosa in Europe, offers a sublime landscape of the deep blue sea and golden and light natural colors and flavors. It is in winter time when performances the most beautiful surprise.

The mimosa belongs to the acacia genus. More than 800 species have been recorded. Acacia Dealbata, Acacia Decurrens, Accacia Retinoides, are the most important species cultivated in The French Riviera. Mimosa is native from Australia. Around 1880 appeared on the Croix de Gardens in Cannes. Mimosa farmers will, therefore, multiply in the region in Mandelieu, Pégomas, Tanneron, or La Roquette.

In this colorful bouquet of scents and flavors, mimosa exalts the senses. Applied to the gastronomy, perfumes, decoration, regional products full of sun, markets, mimosa contributes to a living ancestral art craftedshipped.

Mimosa, with a subtle and airy floral scent is powdered with green notes. I love mimosa! My first perfume creation was a perfume with mimosa heart notes :) 

Here is a heaven of tranquility where you can enjoy moments that would want eternal… Othervise, at this time, mimosa brings the joy and the music to its streets. It's great to see so many fluffly yellow spots floating in the air!

The Mimosa Grande Parade, accompanied by musical groups, costumed characters and good gastronomy and friends, is the expected show! Let's see how is going! 

Mònica Fernández 


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