L’ Art De La Table.

Set truly heavenly Holiday tables with AROMALABORATORY Fragrances and Candles.
Create warm spots and cozy atmospheres. Turn the moment of gathering into a place where no detail is missing.

Looking for beauty, creativity, harmony, balance, love, with the support of some of our Gourmet Candles and Home Fragrances (from pure and precious botanical extracts) you will enjoy sharing the best of these unique, festive and magical moments, with family, friends,...

AROMALABORATORY Premium Aromatherapy Candles, are handcrafted candles, with natural and organic perfume, from exquisite botanical extracts, and soy of supreme quality (not genetically adulterated). Elegant candles, of great size and long lasting, very appropriate to create warm, charm and comfortable corners, especially during the coldest months. Choose the one you like best for its aromachological properties:

BLACK PACHOULI CANDLE will be ideal to prepare the Holiday Atmosphere, set the Christmas table in detail and give a great host/hostess welcome. 

PETIT GRAIN CANDLE, will generate a dynamic atmosphere full of satisfaction and joy. So you can not miss one in the living room and in the kitchen for an excellent organization, good conversation and lots of laughter! (Be careful with the wine! ...)

These candles, as they do not contain synthetic parfum or harmful additives, are non-toxic and therefore do not interfere or contaminate the palate.  They are great for creating a special atmosphere in the most gastronomic areas, such as the kitchen, the dining room, etc. They will not only delight the chef, but also the guests, who will enjoy a pleasant scent that respects all culinary expression and a bright and clean light of well-being during the meal. 

Combine these candlelight points with a healthy purifying Home Fragrance Spray AROMALABORATORY. Neutralizing the environment and fabrics, at antibacterial level, you could scent naturally and sustainable the entrance, the living room, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, etc.

We recommend the Home Fragrance, in large format, JARDÍN ORIENTAL to create a bright, clear and happy atmosphere throughout the house.

Happy Holidays with AROMALABORATORY!

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