How to create Hygge Atmospheres.

Consideration, state of mind, comfort, embrace, well-being... all of them are valid words to describe "Hygge", a feeling or state of soul that the Danish have patented since the 19th century, when they want to refer to creating a cozy, comforting, intimate, protected atmosphere. A pleasant state that revolves around the little things in life, tranquility, unpretentiousness, in fact, a state of happiness that the Danish are willing to share, and that happens to consider a number of ingredients that generates that atmosphere so Hyggelig. We are going to navigate arround them here because there is nothing we like more than to create a happy and joyful atmosphere.

To begin with, one of the most Hygge-infusing elements is the absence of light and ambient light points. To understand, candles are the direct gateway to Hygge - light a candle and get an instant Hygge atmosphere! And here AROMALABORATORY has a lot to share with the Danish, as they are the first consumers of candles in the world, they only consume natural and organic candles, like ours. Soy and botanically scented, free of toxins. All Hygge moments, special moments, have at least one candle, for its warmth and for those magical corners that they generate. In addition, AROMALABORATORY AROMATHERAPY CANDLES reinforce this state of well-being, so their fragrance 100% plant-based, generate proactive, relaxed, vitalizing, happy, harmonizing, etc. environments. Each aroma corresponds to a feeling of well-being.

The house is usually the seat of Hygge, (although it is already very common in Denmark to bring this pleasant state to cafes, restaurants, etc.) The house, as we said, is the place where Hygge takes its maximum splendor, where it is easier to enjoy the here and now, where we can turn off the cell phones and lights. By lighting the AROMALABORATORY Candles, a universe of Hygge possibilities opens up. Let's discover it:

Bake a cake or some cookies, make a nice cup of tea candlelight by AROMALABORATORY BLACK PACHOULI CANDLE, its spicy, deep and warm scent will be a perfect fragrant light to break the dynamics of everyday life, the hustle and bustle and stress. Feel safe illuminated with the BLACK PACHOULI CANDLE. Its large format will allow you to light it up to 90 hours. In addition, its aroma, being non-toxic, will not contaminate food, nor will it interfere in a disruptive way in the palate of what you are cooking, on the contrary, it will enhance it, improve it, accompany it, respect it.

While enjoying the homemade delicacies, sharing this moment, where you are comfortable, - highly recommended, by the Hygge guide, wear clothes made of natural fabrics: cotton, linen, wool, and of course, some chubby socks, ideal for walking barefoot without getting cold feet- light the FLOR DE FLORES CANDLE because it is time to relax... Its scent of exotic flowers of ylang-ylang and wild vanilla from Madagascar and its soothing light, uninhibited, very chill out, gets us to get carried away and truly disconnect. This is the most inspiring candle, so don't be surprised if great ideas come out of it, which can be the starting point of great projects.

Important: During these states of Hygge it is forbidden to talk about politics (this is a rule that no one can skip) and as a counterpoint, it is highly recommended: take out the board games, organize a reading session, a thematic cooking space, stargazing, schedule a trekking route before tea time, -essential to enjoy together in contact with nature- schedule a Netflix session, activity that you can also Hyggelize.


One of our most Hygge candles, is JARDÍN ORIENTAL, the candle of happiness, with its notes of fresh jasmine flowers, will envelop the atmosphere of clarity, and vitality. This is recommended for both entertainment and peaceful moments.

Hygge thrives on togetherness, tolerance, creating a climate of equality, and if you feel that lately the heart of the house is too tense and the tribe disorganized, the BLANC CANDLE, with its woody, noble, elegant and warm scent, will renew the atmosphere and purify it, to make you feel in a true Hygge refuge.



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