How heat affects mental health.

When the temperature rises above average, stress, violence and aggression increase. According to a published scientific study, for every degree that the temperature rises, mortality related to mental health increases by 2.2%. Numerous studies link the increase in temperature with changes in our mood and behaviour, greater psychiatric emergencies, a higher number of traffic accidents, a drop in work performance, worsening psychological disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

To regain wellbeing, it is important to stay hydrated, not to expose oneself to the sun and not to practice sport during the critical hours of the day. More and more social services are setting up climatic shelters and care programmes for the elderly, although the essential thing for everyone is to adjust the rhythms of our daily lives to the changes in temperature: adjust schedules, acclimatise spaces well, making conscious use of air conditioning, wearing cooler clothes made from natural fabrics and adapting new routines at home to the summer, such as eating fruit and vegetables.

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