BRIGHT NEROLI. Aromatherapy Clean Perfume. Organic. 55ml.

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Bright Neroli Perfume is pure expression and a dance of citrus, fresh and smoky notes around the precious, sweet, orange blossom.

Sublime bouquet of grapefruit, vetiver and neroli. Fragrant unisex exquisiteness! 
"Shine in your creative spirit. Take the best decisions, with clarity, joy and confidence."


Limited Editions. I Edition.

Organic perfume. Suitable for vegans.

Toxic-free: 0% Parabens, 0% Phthalates, 0% Colorants, 0% Musketones, 0% Artificial Fixatives, 0% Synthetic Parfum, 0% Isolates.

Bottled in topaz glass for excellent preservation.