Decontractor Relaxing Body Oil. Organic. 50ml.

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Organic Decontractor Relaxing Body Oil. Indicated to relax the muscles of the body and mind in depth and nourish the skin.

Use: In contracted areas of the body. If you feel tension, muscle fatigue after physical exercise, cramping, etc; or if the accumulated tension from daily stress does not allow you to rest well.
Massage the affected area with slightly damp skin if you prefer. Recommended for sports massage. Its daily application is very restorative if you suffer from stress, in this case use it especially at night. A few drops of decontractor relaxing oil in a warm bath will be very comforting and will help you relax and fall asleep.
Its highly nourishing and antioxidant capacity gives you a nourished, silky and beautiful skin. It prevents skin aging.
Use a sunscreen on top if exposed to the sun after application.

From 100% natural extracts and chemotyped essential oils from certified organic agriculture.
0% Additives. 0% Parabens. 0% Parfum. 0% Vaseline. 0%Isolates.
Productions Aromalaboratory Atelier.
Suitable for vegans.