Organic MOSQUITO REPELLENT Candle | SUMMER. Aromatherapy.

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Healthy Aromatherapy Soy Candle with Citronella and Basil mosquito repellent. It has a pleasant bouquet, with green notes, reminiscent of cut grass. Its scent is refreshing and balancing, Very Mediterranean! 

100% botanical and organic fragrance. Non-genetically modified soy wax (non-GMO) with cotton wick. 0% synthetic parfum. Toxic-free.
Tips for use: Keep a safe distance between the candle and anything above it. Always keep the candle under supervision. To maintain a vertical and homogeneous combustion, do not place it close to draughts or heating.
Content: 260gr
Format: 9 cm diam. 10cm high.
Duration of combustion approx: 90h