Aromalaboratory Atelier Perfumes is the New Luxury.

Eclipsed by the couché paper and by the fashions that try to fit us, even if the number is too small for us, we often find it difficult to discern what is quality from what they are trying to sell us with empty advertising campaigns, without values, full of pure aesthetics and a posturing that often elevates our emotions to unsuspected spheres. In this context, the most common thing is to find a very low quality product, manufactured in countries with cheep salaries and bad working conditions, which instead of improving our quality of life and respecting our organism, harms us. (Often, without being aware of it)

To give an example, we can talk about emporium perfumery, the commercial perfumery, the one we all know, the big brands. Perfumes full of synthetic molecules, aldehydes, isolates, musketones, phthalates, etc... that dirty our skin and disrupt our endocrine and nervous systems. These synthetic molecules, which are often toxic, enter our bloodstream through our skin and are neither metabolised properly nor expelled correctly. Without knowing it, perfuming ourselves with these emporium perfumes results in a Molotov cocktail of synthetic molecules that do not benefit us at all, and which are generally invasive and unattractive due to mass production.

The genuine, healthy, respectful, ethical alternative can be found in AROMALABORATORY ATELIER PERFUMES. Fine Organic Perfumes made from 100% natural molecules, from medicinal aromatic plants and produced in Limited Editions in Barcelona.

The rose, besides smelling divine, when it is natural and of quality as the one we use in our perfumes like ATARDECERRE39, is beneficial to balance our hormonal system. With AROMALABORATORY ATELIER PERFUMES - ALO Atelier - as well as perfuming yourself with the real natural and ecological botanical extract that the perfume claims to contain, you receive an associated aromatherapeutic benefit.

You have at your disposal more relaxing, hypotensive perfumes such as SI or MI, great if you have high blood pressure, highly recommended if you feel stressed lately, if you do not sleep well at night, which in addition to perfuming you in an exquisite way, as perfumes were made in the past, will offer you comfort, and the security that you are consuming quality perfumes that respect your organism.

We also offer more hypertensive and vitalising perfumes such as DOFAAMANECER...

Perfuming yourself with SOL or LA, will offer you a wonderful sensation of emotional balance and body cleansing.

Taking care by perfuming yourself is possible with AROMALABORATORY. We invite you to try and discover them.


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