Detox Facial Cleansing.

Our skin, on a daily basis, is exposed to many vicious agents that make it dirty, constipated, damaged and aged: pollution, makeup, environmental dirt, poor diet, stress, etc..

Nightly deep cleansing with AROMALABORATORY® Organic Facial Cleansing Soap is essential to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, free of impurities, especially if you have oily, combination skin or skin prone to acne and pimples. Its astringent, toning and refreshing action makes it ideal for purifying the skin. Its natural antibacterial formula will keep the skin glowy and smooth, gradually you will see the pores of the skin more closed and diffuse. You can also use it to remove waterproof makeup.

In the case of mature and dry skin, AROMALABORATORY® Organic Facial Soap offers a soothing and detoxifying deep cleansing, which prepares the skin for the perfect absorption of the regenerating active ingredients of our organic anti-aging creams, providing a firm, juicy, beautiful, rejuvenated and healthy complexion skin.

Below we explain the recommended steps to follow in order to obtain optimal results:

1. Lather the face with the Organic Cleansing Facial Soap.

2. Leave the soap on the face for 1 to 5 minutes as a mask.

 3. Remove with plenty of water and dry your face.

 Next apply the Organic Anti-aging Serum with VIT C and/or the Organic Anti-Aging Cream (Moisturising - Washed Face Effect), or the Organic Anti-Aging Balm (Nourishing - Botox Effect). In case of acne-prone skin the Organic Acne Control Cream.

Credits : Hotel Sabátic Autograph

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