Relief for pollen and dust allergies.

As the evenings are getting longer, and almond and mimosa trees are beginning to blossom, and many trees are beginning to pollinate, we recommend that you scent your home with MAR AZUL, especially if you are allergic to pollen or dust.

With notes of rosemary and frankincense, MAR AZUL is the most antihistaminic fragrance from AROMALABORATORY®. In addition, like all our room fragrances, it drags biological particles in suspension, neutralises mites and pathogenic micro-organisms, so that you can breathe in a clean and healthy atmosphere.

Its relaxing, harmonising and renewing properties soothe and decongest in an air free of impurities and neutralised. This allows you to enjoy your stay at home or anywhere else, comfortably, and with a pleasant sensation of having a clear mind.

If you travel, take the 55ml format with you always.



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