Be renewed during this lunar transit.

How are you experiencing the influence of the first supermoon of August and the lunar transit since the last new moon?

Astrologist suggest that this is an emotionally intense transit, which can make us take, hasty and rather illusory decisions. So they suggest to reflect deeply and see things in the right measure. The full moon in Aquarius seems to shed light on this self-examination.

From AROMALABORATORY we provide you with the following aromatherapeutic tools that, besides wrapping you in beauty, will help you to carry this lunar stage, and the rest of the summer, in a more serene, constructive and proactive way:

Perfume yourself with DO by AROMALABORATORY:

DO, deep and grave, perfumes us with sublime sensual and oriental notes. Its predominant bouquet of Pachouli, Black Spruce, etc., always gives us a halo of determination and security, to evaluate situations from a more pragmatic point of view, more concise, less emotional.

LA TERTULIA Purifying Aromatherapy Mist:

In addition to mental clarity, LA TERTULIA strengthens self-esteem and helps the confident expression of emotions, which is ideal for, evaluate together not only aspects of the past, but ongoing projects and future plans. Sometimes it is necessary to sit down to dialogue with partners, friends, relatives, partners, LA TERTULIA helps us to do it with empathy.

Aromatherapy Purifying Mist PROTECCIÓN and VALENTÍA

Take time to be with yourself. Reinforce the limits of your Intimate Personal Space with PROTECCION to evaluate from your true reality and in harmony, opening a space where you can reflect in a serene way. If you need an extra awareness of your true essence, and you think you need to recognize and reconnect in depth with your most authentic "I", the VALENTIA Mist will also be a perfect ally during this transit. Perfume around your body, in a quiet place, and take three deep breaths. 

Aromatherapy Organic Perfume SI:

If you feel that lately you are having a hard time getting in touch with your true self and you feel emotionally overwhelmed or very fluctuating, then the Aromatherapy SI Perfume, will be the perfume for you to consider. Protective, heavenly, angelic, and harmonizing, it will help you to have a more global, broader vision of situations, not so earthly, not so emotional. Taking distance, rising above empty worries, expressing emotions freely, and feeling more altruistic, these are the aromachological aspects of SI Precious Perfume that work on you when you are perfumed.

Discover the fragrances on the site. All fragrances are unisex, so we are all invited to enjoy their virtues and benefits. The stars guide us from above. AROMALABORATORY does it from the earth, with its Precious Aromatherapy Fragrances, for well-being.

Happy Lunar Transit! Happy Summer!

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